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Today’s Prosthetics- A Better Way of Life

Amputees live in a wonderful world of technical advances in prosthetics. Although the news about the advance occurring over the years is not highly profiled technical advances are moving along and occurring at rapid speed as the world embraces technology in all aspects of life. For example, individuals with amputations are not just part of wheel chair races anymore, prosthetics have been designed to help runners without legs to achieve a dream of running in a mainstream race or sprinting in the ...more

Anti-Overdose Drug Naloxone Might Have Saved Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s Life

Naloxone is a drug not commonly heard of outside drug treatment programs, law enforcement, and the medical community. But the drug's role in countering a heroin overdose makes it a lifesaving tool, one that can be used to prevent overdose related deaths, like that of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman. In states like California, Naloxone is starting to become a more widely available treatment option for addressing potential heroin overdoses. On a national level, Naloxone laws have allowed for the f ...more

Can the Technical Stuff they use in the Movies Help Stroke Victims Recover?

The conventional medical model for stroke rehabilitation speaks to physical and occupational therapy. And with the stroke number hovering around 795,000 annually, the associated medical care costs are totaling near 38.6 billion. But when you look at what stroke victims suffer from most, it is often mobility and the ability to perform everyday task. And while physical therapy can help victims reestablish the coordination to support movement, there are two industries that lend a hand in ai ...more

Time to Injury: Less About Pre-Season Fitness and More About Gender?

Women are increasing their involvement and varsity and collegiate sports. And with the rise in participation sport medicine doctors are seeing an increase in injury among female athletes. This has left high school and university athletic programs scratching their heads—wondering why their female athletes are missing practice and game time due to knee, shoulder and hamstring problems. Researchers from Alberta University and the departments of physical education, recreation and rehabilitation so ...more

Sports Medicine Cites Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes

Children in today's world are doing more. Education benchmarking has increased with more testing and competitive sports are being introduced to children as early as eighteen months with a specialization in one sport as early as age 5. With the introduction of tennis, gymnastics, football and swimming children are being seen for breaks, sprains, bruises and other injuries. These accidents can occur in and outside of organized sports however, injury from overuse is a much different story with comp ...more