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Five Things Educators Should Know About Students with Autism | Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part series on what educators need to know about autism, we discussed the importance of identifying help from parents or the school district, reducing over-stimulation and noise, and helping students on the spectrum manage transitions and change. In Part 2, we discuss providing clear instructions and using reinforcement to create beneficial behavior. Four. In addition to providing transitional warnings, ens ...more

Five Things Educators Should Know About Students with Autism | Part 1

The number of school-aged children diagnosed with autism is growing, and 1-2% are entering mainstream elementary classrooms. Some have been followed closely, and have a diagnosis and intervention models, while others may exhibit the qualities of autism but have not been formally diagnosed. In either case, preparing to teach a student with autism is becoming more necessary across public and private education. Outlook, ability and confidence rely on your capacity to observe and determine what the ...more

Top 5 Myths and Facts About Hospice Care

While hospice represents an increasingly popular form of end-of-life care across the United States, a number of misconceptions about the hospice experience remain potent within the cultural imagination. In truth, hospice can be an incredibly valuable resource for individuals in their final months of life, as well as for the family members of terminally ill patients. This being the case, it is important to dispel some of the most pervasive myths about hospice care in order to get at the reality o ...more

Apple Patent Filing Hints at New Technology to Trigger Emergency Response

In recent years smartphones have become as ubiquitous as McDonald's locations, with individuals of all ages employing these ultra-portable devices for everything from phone calls to text messaging, email to social media, and even working remotely while away from school or the office. This month Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California has taken a massive step toward maximizing the utility of smartphone technology by filing a patent application for what they describe as a "mobile emergency attack and ...more

Yoga: The Healing of Mind and Body for Breast Cancer Patient and Survivor

Yoga is the ancient art of moving that was developed in India thousands of years ago. It is the act of meditation, stretching and breathing and was thought to bring peace to the body as well as the spirit. Now, the medical community is opening its arms to yoga noticing the positive effects it has on breast cancer patients undergoing radiation. Radiation in its simplest to strongest forms can zap the most vibrant physiology. Breast cancer alone can change a patient's life both physically and ment ...more